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Pilates Workouts:  Join us here to participate in on-demand Pilates workouts taught by PHI Pilates instructors and physical therapists on all of the Pilates apparatus, the core align, TRX, OOV and trampoline and on the mat.  We have a wide variety of workouts that address painful conditions, sports conditioning, or overall wellness. 

Pilates Teacher Continuing Education Courses: If you are already a trained Pilates instructor, join us here for enlightening on demand continuing education courses that will keep you up to date with your skills and help you meet your NPCP renewal requirements. We have courses that will prepare you to meet the needs of your clients and yourself!

Pilates Teacher Training Community and Comprehensive Curriculum: PHI Pilates has been training Pilates instructors since 1997.  Our courses prepare you to become a certified Pilates teacher or to add Pilates to your rehabilitation skills as a healthcare provider. This curriculum is comprehensive but can be completed one course at a time. The teacher training program includes videos and quizzes in this online environment and in-person lab sessions live or on Zoom.   The curriculum covers the basic principles and repertoire of Pilates and prepares you to sit for the National Pilates Certification Exam. You will gain the knowledge to begin a successful and rewarding career as a Pilates instructor or you will enhance your skills as a healthcare professional. To learn more join our PHI Pilates Teacher Training Community.

Coming Soon!!  Pilates Exercise Library: This area is for Pilates teachers and enthusiasts!  Join to access our vast video library of Pilates exercises on the mat and all apparatus.  You can search by apparatus, exercise goal, or ailment to build a program to meet your needs for the day or for your client's needs! 

Live Pilates Chat Sessions: These are real-time interactive online sessions with PHI Pilates instructors and rehabilitation professionals. Participants get to ask their questions directly to the instructor. The live chat sessions are instrumental in receiving personal guidance and immediate feedback.

Wellness Events: These include workshops or seminars on various related topics like sports enhancement, preventing injuries, recovering from surgery etc. Crucial for holistic health, these events focus on extending the benefits of Pilates beyond the studio into the daily lives of our members.